Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the double glazing leads generated?

The double glazing leads that we generate come from websites and online marketing campaigns that we built and own in house. We generate all of the leads in-house so we can control all aspects and ensure that all of our leads are the right criteria and are high quality.

what is the min volume I can order?

We tailor a solution to each of our clients bespoke, based on what works best for them. We price our leads extremely competitively and make low margins. So for this reason we generally will not take on any order of under 25 double glazing leads.  

Do you swap rejected / invalid leads?

We have a like-for-like rejection policy. So if you get a lead that has incorrect details or the customer is not interested at all, you will be able to get a like-for-like free lead as a replacement.

What postcode areas can I buy leads in?

You can purchase double glazing leads in any postcode area in England, Scotland and Wales. You can tailor what postcodes you want leads in and you can even choose how many leads you want in each specific postcode.

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